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Casetify Ring makes iPhone easier to hold onto, doubles as a stand

If you were born with butter fingers and you find it hard to hold onto your iPhone, you need the Casetify Ring. This little device sticks to the back of any smartphone to provide a secure grip, and doubles as a stand.

Bag yours today from the Cult of Mac Store.

Maybe you’ve already put your precious iPhone inside a beefy case. Maybe you’re also using a strong screen protector. That’s all well and good, but dropping your device again and again should still be avoided.

And it can be. With a device like the Casetify Ring, the chances of you dropping your iPhone while using it are reduced to almost zero.

Casetify Ring keeps your iPhone in your hand

The Ring sticks onto the back of any smartphone or case. It folds out when you need it, allowing you to slip a finger inside it for additional grip. When your phone slips, the Ring prevents it from falling.

When the Ring is opened up, it also works great as a stand. You can use it to prop up your iPhone on a flat surface while you sit back and catch up on your favorite TV show or enjoy hands-free FaceTime calls.

Casetify Ring for iPhone
An iPhone stand that’s always with you.
Photo: Casetify

Its slim profile means the Ring won’t get in your way when it’s closed, and with a bunch of awesome designs to choose from, you can pick one that goes great with your smartphone or case.

Grab your Casetify Ring today from the Cult of Mac Store for just $20. It could just save you from more nasty scratches or, worse, yet another expensive screen repair.

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