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Buy any magnetic Xvida charger and get an iPhone case at 50% off

The Cult of Mac Store is bringing you an exclusive discount on Xvida’s magnificent magnetic accessories for iPhone. Buy any charging pad, charging stand, or portable power bank and bag an Xvida case at half the usual price.

This deal can’t last long, so enjoy it while you can!

We understand that everyone is feeling the pinch during the COVID-19 pandemic, so we’re doing our best to bring you some of the best accessories from the biggest brands at more affordable prices.

Xvida products have proven popular among Cult of Mac Store customers. Their unique, magnetic designs — which allow stands, chargers, and cases to be combined like never before — are unlike anything else on the market.

Unlike anything else.
Photo: Xvida

And there could be a better time to get them, thanks to this exclusive deal from Cult of Mac.

Save on sweet Xvida accessories for iPhone

Simply pick up any Xvida charging accessory and we’ll give you half off any Xvida case for iPhone. Here’s what you can pick from:

Xvida Chargers

  • Mountable Magnetic Wireless Charging Pad: Unlike most wireless charging pads, this one can be mounted to your wall. You can have it above your bed, beside the couch, or anywhere else where you might want easy access to charging. — $59
  • Magnetic Wireless Charging Power Bank: This 4,000mAh power bank packs Qi charging technology, so it can top up your iPhone — and a whole host of other devices — without wires. — $39
  • Magnetic Wireless Charging CD Slot Mount: Inserts into your vehicle’s CD player to provide wireless charging on the road. Works with an Xvida case to act as a handy mount. — $49
  • Magnetic Wireless Charging Suction Mount: Don’t have a CD player in your car? Use the Wireless Charging Suction Mount, which can be attached to any window, instead. — $49
  • Magnetic Wireless Charging Vent Mount: Alternatively, this option slides into any vehicle air vent. Also provides wireless charging and acts as a mount when combined with an Xvida case. — $59
  • Wireless Charging Desk Stand: Not just a pretty desk stand, also a terrific wireless charger. Uses magnets for a minimalist look that likes right at home alongside your Mac. — $79

Xvida Cases

Like any case worth its price tag, Xvida’s protects your iPhone from scratches and scuffs, as well as accidental drops onto hard surfaces. It is incredibly well-made, with a slim and lightweight form factor that won’t weigh you down.

Get yours today at half off.
Photo: Xvida

The case has a grippy finish that helps you hold onto your iPhone, a microfiber lining that keeps its glass looking great, and a dual-layer design that absorbs impacts. But that’s not all.

The Xvida case’s biggest selling point is its built-in magnets, which let you attach your iPhone to a whole host of metal surfaces — and all of Xvida’s terrific charging accessories listed above.

Get yours for iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Prices start at $24, but if you buy alongside an Xvida charger today, you’ll get yours at 50% off.

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