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Bust out in style with Bucardo’s vintage Apple pocket watches

Bucardo is back on our radar with some seriously impressive designs and discounts for Apple Watch.

It’s nothing new in the world of fashion to recycle and resurrect the trends from our parents’ and even grandparents’ generations.

However, bygone era or not, some of these trends stick with us forever. Enter Bucardo’s pocket watch collection. Both playful and elegant, these designs strike nostalgia in our hearts.

Save huge and snag one of these exceptionally unique timepieces from our Watch Store today.

Fashion accessory, statement piece, and tech ingenuity all in one

Fashion accessory, statement piece, and tech ingenuity all in one.
Look good, do good, feel good with Bucardo’s Silver Hammered Pocket Watch.
Photo: Bucardo

Spring is upon us, and it’s time to revamp your tech and fashion arsenals with Bucardo’s collection of handsomely crafted, timeless pocket watches. These expertly engineered pieces pay homage to both vintage style and modern-day wearability.

These small trinkets invite a powerful yet playful connection to the past and the rich history of classic watches.

Bucardo’s pocket watch collection, including the Silver Hammered Pocket Watch (pictured above), is sharp, sleek and sexy. It makes a stunning statement. (Note: These Apple Watch accessories suit a more sophisticated ensemble and occasion. If you’re heading to the gym or needing to track your fitness, then opt for one of our more sport-friendly bands.)

Price: Originally $199, now $119.40

Buy from: Cult of Mac Watch Store

Stunt like a straight-up BO$$ with this gold-plated version: Bucardo's Hammered pocket watch in gold.
Stunt like a straight-up BO$$ with this gold-plated version.
Photo: Bucardo

The textured face doubles as a gorgeous embellishment and a highly durable shield for the face of your Apple Watch. Plus, just look at that polished finish! You can’t say it wouldn’t freshen up any everyday look or accent something more formal.

Available both in a regal gold (pictured above) and shimmering silver finish.

Price: Originally $219, now $131.40

Buy from: Cult of Mac Watch Store

Hardware and wearability

Switch it up and flaunt the pocket watch as a fresh chain.
Switch it up and flaunt the pocket watch as a fresh chain or locket.
Photo: Bucardo

These pocket watches are truly packed with style potential. Sport them around your neck for a more casual look, as with the Silver Pinstripe design (pictured above).

Don’t worry, these guys won’t be tumbling off into the street. Bucardo crafts a 15-inch detachable chain made from stainless steel, ensuring a safe and durable connection to your beloved Apple Watch.

And for those of you who long for the touch proximity of wearing an Apple Watch on your wrist, don’t bug out just yet.

Bucardo’s design exposes the Apple Watch sensor, allowing for quick touch and access at a moment’s notice.

Price: Originally $199, now $159.20

Buy from: Cult of Mac Watch Store


Simply snap your Apple Watch into place, and you're ready to go.
Simply snap your Apple Watch into place, and you’re ready to go.
Photo: Bucardo

Installing your Apple Watch into place is dead simple.

  1. Insert your Apple Watch into Bucardo’s snug body.
  2. Clasp the protective shield over the face of your Apple Watch, and snap it closed.

Boom! The Bucardo pocket watch fits securely into the band slots of your Apple Watch.

Check out our Watch Store for tons of other pocket watch designs and unique Bucardo accessories for your Apple watch.

Don’t miss out on these discounted prices. With hardware and style of this quality, you’ll have to snatch up these guys fast.

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The Best

Infinitely better than plastic/vinyl cases I have always used. Great to touch, good hand, smart look and works flawlessly.

No Items in Envelope !

yes i had received the shipping package that was a bubble envelope , the corner was torn with no items from my order . the items in my order was roughly $ 12.00 .
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you guys gotta do better, not just for myself but for others

Good afternoon, I am extremely sorry about this. Please can you email me, with an attached image of the package so we can get this sorted out for you as soon as possible. Many thanks Adel.

Watch protective band

Very comfortable, fits well and provides good protection for my watch. I highly recommend this watch band if you work or just play hard while wearing your Apple Watch.

Nice Band! Can you hear it?

This band is quality for the money. Compared with other bands from Amazon, this one is worth it all the way.
I hope the next iteration brings the black buckle for my black ss iWatch.

Definitely Recommend

I love this case, it feels great and gives the phone a sturdy feel without being a bulky mess like some other top brands. If you’re on the fence about it, just get it. You won’t regret it.