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Build your own iPhone, Apple Watch charging stand with Blocks

Build your own charging stand with the brilliant Blocks set from SwitchEasy. The kit includes everything you need (except charging cables) to create a wonderfully unique charging dock for iPhone, Apple Watch, or both.

Blocks makes a great gift for any creative mind, and it’s just $19.99 through the Cult of Mac Store.

Why buy a ready-made charging stand when you can have fun making your own from scratch? Not only will you spend less (probably), but you’ll have the freedom to create a stand that uses your own design.

Whether you want yours to charge iPhone, Apple Watch, or both, the Blocks kit gives you almost endless possibilities.

Blocks kit lets you build your own charging stand

Craft your stand exactly how you want it, with over 90 different blocks to choose from — all of which are compatible with other building blocks from leading manufacturers, such as LEGO.

The included Apple Watch cradle accommodates most bands and bumpers, and you can build your stand around your favorite iPhone cases and accessories, in your favorite colors.

Blocks charging stand kit
Blocks is compatible with other popular bricks, like LEGO.
Photo: SwitchEasy

Blocks is a terrific gift for anyone who’s into LEGO, and those who just like building things. And at just $19.99 from the Cult of Mac Store, it’s super-affordable. What kind of stand will you create?

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