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Brilliant BentoStack keeps essential accessories neatly organized on the go

Don’t you just hate it when your charging cables, adapters, and other accessories get lost or tangled in the bottom of your bag when you’re on the go? BentoStack solves that problem by keeping everything nearly organized.

The device features several compartments for all the small accessories you need while traveling — including wireless headphones, Apple Watch bands, and Apple Pencil — as well as a lid that doubles as an iPhone stand.

All your accessories organized and ready to roll

BentoStack’s individual compartments are carefully organized to carry different things. At the bottom of the stack, there’s space for your larger power bricks and charging adapters, like those for your MacBook or iPad.

In the center of the stack, there’s a compartment designed to carry two Apple Watch bands and an Apple Pencil. At the top, you’ll find space for charging cables, wired headphones, AirPods, and other small accessories.

Function101 BentoStack
Safe, secure, and easy to find.
Photo: Function101

BentoStack’s innovative lid doubles as a foldable stand for your iPhone, so you can watch movies or enjoy hands-free FaceTime calls while you’re working.

Get yours from the Cult of Mac Store

When you’re on the go, BentoStack’s compartments can be secured using silicone bands that prevent them from popping open in transit and spilling your accessories. You get two in the box; one that holds the hold stack, and one that secures just half of it for when you want to travel light.

Pick up your BentoStack in one of five color options — silver, space gray, matte black, navy or purple — from the Cult of Mac Store today for just $49.95.

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Very Good Quality Leather Watch Band

The Monowear Classic is a very good quality watch band that gives your Apple Watch a great look for more formal or dress up occasions. My preference is to have a leather band without colored stitching and with a black stainless steel clasp. This band fits that criteria and provides a secure, classic method of attaching to my wrist.

Function101 Button Remote For Apple TV

I wish I could say something about this item but I have not received it. Pity about the money I spent!

Good morning, Thank you for your review. I have checked the process of your order, and the last update from USPS on September 18, states your package is delayed but still on its way, if this doesn’t change by next week please get back in touch by emailing me at
Many thanks, Adel.

Good second remote

Apple TV will only connect to one Apple remote, I found out after paying $60 for a second one. This remote worked out of the box and I have had no trouble. It allows my wife to have a remote as well.

Good product, but doesn't work as smoothly with every streaming app on Apple TV

It works fine, no problem connecting it to my Apple TV, so there is nothing wrong with the product. I just find myself and my partner still mostly using the apple remote. Maybe just out of habit. it is easier to rewind or fast forward with it on most apps, not on YouTube, but Netflix or appleTV+

Great case!

This is a very well put together case. The fit and finish are excellent, great protection, and the wood is beautiful! I appreciate that it's not as bulky as some other wood based cases that I've seen.