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Bento Stack keeps your essentials neatly organized on the go

Carrying essential accessories with you wherever you go can be a nightmare. Your wires can get tangled, your AirPods can get lost, and your Apple Pencil can end up in more than one piece. That’s why you need the Bento Stack.

This compact, multi-compartment storage solution keeps more than 10 must-have accessories neatly organized when you’re on the road. It’s a must-have if you’re a frequent traveler.

What’s great about the Bento Stack is that it’s completely customizable. You can use just one stack if you want to, or combine several to carry even more. You can also adjust its internal dividers to better accommodate the items you need to pack.

Bento Stack carries every essential

The Bento Stack comes with several layers by default.

The bottom stack is ideal for carrying your MacBook and iPhone chargers, while its lid will hold onto your Apple Watch bands. The middle stack is great for things like AirPods and Lightning cables, with a lid that holds onto your Apple Pencil.

Finally, there’s a cover that snaps onto the top tray to keep everything secure and neatly organized. It can be combined with a silicone strap that makes transporting your Bento Stack even easier.

Bento Stack for accessories
All your essentials neatly packed into one.
Photo: Wiplabs

No more tangled wires. No more hunting down lost essentials. No more expensive breakages.

Get yours for just $39.99

Bento Stack isn’t just practical; it’s also wonderfully affordable. For just $39.99, you get two compartments with lids, the top lid with two silicone straps, and four compartment dividers.

Order yours today in silver, rose gold, or space gray from the Cult of Mac Watch Store.

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