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Awesome silicone skin makes Apple TV look like a retro console

Apple TV’s slim and subtle design means that it looks incredibly clean no matter where you keep it, but my goodness isn’t it boring? Transform and protect yours with this awesome T4 silicone skin from Elago.

Priced at under $25, the skin makes your Apple TV look like a classic Super Nintendo Entertainment System. And you can get a Siri Remote skin inspired by a SNES controller to go with it.

If you grew up gaming in the ’90s, you likely have incredibly fond memories of the SNES and its incredible catalog of iconic games. It gave us Super Mario All Stars, Donkey Kong Country, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and many more titles that are still considered excellent today.

Your modern TV probably doesn’t have the ports you would need to play an original SNES in 2021, but you can bring back those fond childhood memories by making your Apple TV look like one instead. It’s quick and easy with the brilliant T4 Apple TV case from Elago.

Elago T4 case makes Apple TV look like a SNES

Made from super-sturdy silicone, the T4 looks just like the SNES variant that was insanely popular throughout Europe. It’s superbly detailed, with a cartridge slot and eject button, power switch, and reset button. It even has controller ports on its front and a familiar logo on its top.

The T4 allows easy access to all the connections you’ll need on the back of your Apple TV, and you’ll still see its LED light when the Apple TV is powered on. It’s available in gray and black color options, and it fits the latest Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K models like a glove.

In addition to looking spectacular, the T4’s premium silicone design protects your Apple TV from drops, and provides additional grip that will help ensure it doesn’t get knocked off your TV stand. It’s also nicely priced at just $24.99 through the Cult of Mac Store.

Get a matching Siri Remote skin

Elago R4 skin for Siri Remote
What a great match!
Photo: Elago

Complete the SNES look by picking up Elago’s matching R4 skin for your Siri Remote. It’s based on an SNES controller, makes it easy to tell whether you’re holding your remote the right way up, and won’t get in your way. It’s also available in gray and back, and it’s a steal at just $14.99.

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Ishanka Perera
Perfect gift for mom

Mom loves it. That’s all that matters!

Excellent quality, nicely made

As I said, excellent quality, very happy with the finish albeit just fits my wrist on the last hole. Obviously made for Asian wrists not big boofy Aussies!!!

Great band

As advertised

Old school

Gives the Apple Watch an “Old School” look, like I remember from some of my old watches. Good quality, easy to swap out.

Great band

I bought two of these, one for me and the other for my wife. It’s very high quality and comfortable. I’ve already gotten several compliments on it and told folks where they could get one. Terrific band at a terrific price!