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Awesome AirPods essentials bundle is a steal at just $12.99

Every AirPods owners should have a few essential accessories to keep their precious buds protected and prevent them from getting lost. This awesome bundle from Speidel includes everything you need — and it’s a steal.

You get a shock-absorbent case, silicone ear tips for a more secure fit, a strap that keeps both AirPods together at all times, and a second hardcover case that lets you carry everything together.

Bag your bundle today for just $12.99!

AirPods get lost and broken all the time. You’ve seen the photos of lost buds and cracked Charging Cases all over social media. They’re fragile little things, and they should be well looked-after.

A decent case is a must, then, but there are other accessories that help make AirPods even greater that you might want to consider — especially if you find your AirPods are forever slipping out of your ears.

Speidel’s brilliant bundle features all the essentials.

Speidel’s AirPods bundle has it all

Here’s what you get:

  • Silicone case: Protects your AirPods Charging Case from scuffs and scratches. Offers impact protection against drops. Also includes a handy carabiner for attaching your buds to your bag, coat, pants, and more.
  • Silicone ear tips: Protect your buds, but most importantly, help provide a more secure fit so AirPods don’t fall out of your ears. A must-have for those who live an active lifestyle.
  • Silicone strap: Keeps both AirPods buds securely connected, so if one does fall out, it won’t fall and get lost.
  • Hardcover case Holds all of the above — including AirPods — so that they’re easy to carry and don’t get lost. Provides extra protection when carrying AirPods in a bag or briefcase.

You can choose your accessories in black, gray, and lavender.

Available in black, gray, and lavender.
Photo: Speidel

Order yours today for $12.99

You’re likely to pay upwards of $5 for each of these add-ons if you buy them separately (and opt for decent brands you can rely on). But this Speidel bundle gets you all of them for just $12.99.

Order yours today from the Cult of Mac Store.

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This product is awesome and works great with iPhone 12. Very secure mount to air vent while maintaining flexible turning to accompany a horizontal or vertical view of your phone. Highly recommended!

This thing is too cool...

I get a kick out of looking at this thing. I used to work for Apple, and when I joined, the SE was the smallest Mac there was. There were still a ton of these "old" Macs in the office though, so I had the pleasure of working with them once in a while. Pleasant memories...

High-quality watch band! In BlackHawks RED!

I really like this band. It's very thick, almost falls into the "heavy duty" camp! The color is vibrant, and the band is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. It also doesn't get caught on every little thing like some of the other bands I have. Love this band, and will gladly buy from these folks again, when I need/want another.

Works as expected.

Like the magnet, too.

Love it!

easy to find. Easy to handle. No more loosing the little remote.