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Awesome AirPods case inspired by a classic Mac goes Pro

Elago’s terrific AW3 case inspired by the original Macintosh is now available for AirPods Pro. It’s made from super-sturdy silicone that keeps your pricey buds protected, and its attention to detail is outstanding.

It’s unbelievably affordable, too!

The AW3 case has actually been around for a little while now; we’ve already reviewed the AirPods version — which I called one of the coolest cases money can buy. Now, those who have AirPods Pro can enjoy it, too.

Make AirPods Pro look like an original Mac

Everyone’s familiar with the original Macintosh. Introduced in 1984, it’s the desktop computer that introduced the world to a graphical user interface. You wouldn’t want to use one now, but it’s an incredibly special machine.

And thanks to Elago, you can carry a tiny Macintosh around in your pocket … kind of. Its brilliant AW3 case looks just like the real thing — albeit a little stretched now for AirPods Pro — only it’s actually useful in 2020.

Cute Macintosh case for AirPods Pro.
It won’t get in the way when you’re charging.
Photo: Elago

Made entirely from silicone, the AW3 keeps your AirPods Pro protected while they’re not in use. It prevents your charging case from getting scratched in your bag, and it’s nice and chunky to absorb any impact during drops.

The AW3 won’t interfere with wired or wireless charging, and it’s easy to open up when you want to take AirPods Pro out of the case.

Get yours for just $16

What’s really great about the AW3 is its excellent attention to detail. It features the famous “hello” text, which was displayed on the original Mac when Steve Jobs unveiled it, on its screen. There’s also a tiny floppy drive.

The other thing you’ll love is its price tag. The AW3 is available from the Cult of Mac Store for a mere $16, and that includes standard shipping. Pick up yours — and grab an extra for dad this Father’s Day — today!

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