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Apple Watch in-car charging stand a must-have for road warriors

This innovative Apple Watch stand looks incredible with its cylindrical aluminum shell, but it wasn’t designed that way for looks alone. Its size and shape means you can slip it into your car’s built-in cup holder and top up your Apple Watch while on the road.

It’s a must-have for road warriors who are forever behind the wheel — and its price tag is a pleasant surprise.

The W Stand from Elago is up there with the finest Apple Watch charging stations when it comes to aesthetics. Made from a solid block of aluminum, it’s wonderfully easy on the eye.

You’ll find the W Stand looks right at home alongside the other Apple devices on your desk, but it really shines when you take it out on the road.

W Stand is best behind the wheel

Thanks to its svelte cylindrical design, the W Stand fits nicely into most car cupholders, which makes it ideal for charging Apple Watch on the go. And because it’s solid, it’s incredibly sturdy and won’t topple over when the journey gets a little rough.

The W Stand neatly encases your Watch’s charging cable to keep it out of the way, while silicone pads on its top and bottom edges prevent your Apple Watch, car, and any other surface from getting scuffed and scratched.

The W Stand looks glorious in rose gold.
Photo: Elago

What’s really great about the W Stand is its price.

Get your W Stand today for just $36

You can get yours now in a range of pretty colors from the Cult of Mac Watch Store for just $36! And shipping is free for customers in the United States. Bag yours before we run out!

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