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AirPods Pro covers protect your little buds, provide a better fit

You’re probably already protecting your AirPods Pro charging case, but what about the beloved little buds themselves? Elago’s new earbuds covers help keep them free from grime and provide a more secure fit.

They’re ideal for running, cycling, and other workout activities. They also come in a number of cool color options — including one that glows in the dark!

Their glossy, plastic design might make AirPods Pro look awesome, but it has its downsides. For some users, the buds simple won’t stay put and fall out of the ear with the slightest turn of the head.

If that’s a problem for you, you might be using the wrong tips. Or maybe you need a little more grip — like that provided by Elago’s useful new earbuds covers for AirPods Pro.

Earbuds covers keep AirPods Pro secure

These tiny silicone covers wrap around the head of your buds and provide a more secure fit when they’re inside your ears. They also feature integrated tips that come in three different sizes.

If your AirPods Pro do take a tumble, the earbuds covers help keep them free from scratches. They also protect the buds from dirt and grime, which is great for those who wear AirPods while working out.

Elago earbuds covers for AirPods Pro
They won’t get in the way when you put AirPods Pro in their case.
Photo: Elago

The earbuds covers are so slim that you can leave them on when you put AirPods Pro inside their charging case — they won’t get in the way — and they don’t interfere with any other features.

Bag six for just $12.99

Elago’s earbuds covers come in four great color options, including one that glows in the dark, and you can bag a pack of six for just $12.99. Order yours today from the Cult of Mac Store.

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