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AirFly Pro is a little dongle that makes AirPods even more magical

AirPods might be one of the best accessories Apple has ever made. But there’s a quick and easy way to make them even better: Pair yours with the AirFly Pro from Twelve South.

This second-generation dongle lets you connect your AirPods or AirPods Pro to almost anything. It has better battery life than its predecessor, and supports two pairs of headphones simultaneously.

You can order yours today.

Apple calls AirPods the most magical headphones money can buy. They’re also the most popular headphones in the world. But they’re not quite perfect.

AirPods will only connect to devices that have Bluetooth, so you can’t use them with gym equipment, in-flight entertainment systems, hi-fi systems, or the Nintendo Switch.

AirFly Pro lets you use AirPods (and other headphones) with Nintendo Switch.
Photo: Twelve SOuth

AirFly Pro fixes that — and it’s even better than its predecessor.

AirFly Pro the perfect companion to AirPods

Simply plug AirFly Pro into a 3.5mm headphone jack and you’ll be able to connect your AirPods in an instant. What’s more, you can connect two pairs of AirPods simultaneously for the first time.

This gives you the ability to enjoy in-flight movies with the person next to you without sharing your headphones.

AirFly Pro doesn’t just work with AirPods, either. Lots of other Bluetooth headphones are supported, like those from Bang & Olufsen, Beats, Bose, Jaybird, and Sony.

AirFly Pro runs for 16 hours in between charges — twice as long as the original AirFly — and it can now receive audio, too.

That means you can plug AirFly Pro into your car, non-Bluetooth speakers, and other devices and then stream music to them from your iPhone. It’s better in every way.

Order yours today

AirFly Pro is priced at $54.99 — just $10 more than the original AirFly — and you can order yours through the Cult of Mac Store.

You may also want to check out AirFly Duo, with up to 20 hours of battery life, and AirFly USB-C, which uses USB-C connectivity rather than a 3.5mm jack.

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My Thoughts on SwitchEasy PaperLike iPad Screen Protector

Lengthy product title....Yes, I ordered this screen protector based on Cult of Mac's product description that it's like writing on paper. Bottom's a far better screen protector that aids "writing" with an Apple Pencil (I have the 1st gen version), greatly reduces finger prints (always good) when using the Apple Pencil, input is immediate and precise. I'm a lefty and this screen protector allows minimal effort when writing electronically. I'm not an artist so I cannot rate how this screen protector handles an artist's desires. I will say my primitive artwork (cups, objects, etc.) drawn with my iPencil are spot on and represent my vision for my coffee cups, primitive as they may be,.

Overall, I have no buyer's regrets for this purchase. However, some caveats...the application instructions are verrry sparse (A and B on two tabs, that's it). Once on, the tactile sensation is has a "pebbly" like feel when you run your finger over the screen protectors surface. It's a strange sensation that always surprises me, yet, its this "pebbly" surface that allows the user to work their magic, whether writing or drawing as well as keeping fingerprints to a minimum. For use on a iPad, it works wonderfully and will capture your vision. However, this screen protector will never feel the same as writing with a fountain pen on quality paper.

Again, no buyer's remorse...just my thoughts on a quality product that works well on an iPad.


Very nice metal strap

Looks good, quality feels good as well.

Cute, yet effective protection for my AirPods Pro

This AirPods Pro case fits pretty snugly, and seems to protect my AirPods pretty well. Wireless charging through the case works great -- and it is also easy to access the Lightning charging port on the bottom. The ring for attaching to a backpack or belt loop is fairly solid. And it looks like a tiny suitcase :) Overall, it works great for me!


Unfortunately, the leather is beginning crack and the color is coming off with the cracking.
I have only had this watch band a short time, so I feel this should not be happening.

Good morning, Thank you for your feedback, and I apologize that you are not satisfied with your item, but it sounds like the item you received, maybe defective. If you are able to send me an image of the item we can get this issue resolved for you. My email is
Many thanks, Adel.

Awesome hold, super useful

First time I’ve used a 3M stick mount and it’s holding really well on the stick side, no sign it’s weakening. On the magnet side the phone never falls out, but it will slide off if you try to put a lightning cable in or pull one out from the phone while it’s mounted. That’s a real nitpick because otherwise it’s an awesome mount.