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Add wireless charging to your AirPods with this $25 Elkson case [Review]

One of the nicest features of the latest AirPods is the ability to charge them wirelessly. Just plunk them on top of a Qi-compatible charger and you’re good to go.

But what about the original AirPods, which didn’t have wireless charging?

Well, now you can add Qi-charging for just $25, thanks to Elkson’s Wireless Charging and Bumper Case.

Protection and power

Elkson’s charging case is a beefy protective case with a built-in Qi-charging coil. It is compatible with both first- and second-generation AirPods.

The bumper case sports dual layer protection: the outside case is made of tough PVC plastic in the same shade of glossy white as Apple’s AirPods. Inside is a soft, rubbery silicon lining that protects your original AirPods case.

Installing the case is pretty easy. You simply slide your AirPods case inside the Elkson case. It’s like a nesting Russian doll: a case inside a case. It takes two seconds and you’re done.

Getting it off, however, can be more of a challenge. The friction of the internal silicon lining makes it a little awkward to remove your AirPods case from the bumper case. It’s not a big problem, but it’s worth noting.

Qi convenience

Inside the bumper case is an internal Lightning connector that allows the external Bumper Case to pass the charge through and juice your AirPods case wirelessly.

The wireless charging is seamless to use. Just place it on top of any Qi-certified charging pad and its LED will light up indicating the case is charging.

The case definitely made my charging routine easier. If you’re like me and constantly forget to plug your AirPods in, this case might help. I have a Zens charging pad that can charge two devices simultaneously. I found it easy to just place my AirPods next to my iPhone whenever I charged it.

The wireless charging is pretty consistent. As long as the case is placed in the center of the charging pad, it works well.

The case can also be charged directly. Just plug a Lighting cable into the external port and the familiar light will signify it is charging.

Final thoughts

The case does add a bit of bulk. The walls of the case measure about 4mm and it tends towards the chunky. But if you want to wireless charging and tough protection, the bumper case delivers.

If you can live with the bulk and simple design, then Elkson’s Wireless Charging and Bumper Case is a good way to add convenient wireless charging to older AirPods.

It’s also tough. The bumper case is designed for the long-haul. If you are worried about scratches, dents, or regular wear-and-tear, this case will alleviate those fears.


The suggested retail price of Elkson’s Wireless Charging and Bumper Case is $25.

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