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Add MagSafe to your iPhone or Android with convenient Elago sticker

There’s no reason to miss out on the growing number of MagSafe accessories just because you don’t have an iPhone 12. Place the inexpensive Elago MagSafe Guide Sticker on the back of your handset and magnetic chargers will cling to the device.

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Elago can retrofit MagSafe onto your iPhone or Android

MagSafe is an improved version of wireless charging. It includes the usual inductive charging coils but there are also magnets in the back of the handset so it clings its charger. Currently, only the iPhone 12 has these.

But Elago made a stick-on silicone circle with a ring of magnets embedded in it. Attach the MagSafe Guide Sticker to any handset that supports wireless charging and you can use many MagSafe accessories with it.

Elago MagSafe Guide Sticker adds MagSafe to Samsung Galaxy
Yes, your Galaxy can use MagSafe. All you need is this accessory from Elago.
Photo: Elago

That includes iOS devices going back to the iPhone 8. And many Androids support wireless charging. To be sure the sticker is in the right place, Elago’s accessory comes with installation guides for multiple different phones. And the adhesive is reusable.

With this Elago sticker, any of these handsets can use Apple’s MagSafe Charger or the Belkin Boost↑Charge Pro 2-in-1 Wireless Charger. And there are many more.

The Elago MagSafe Guide Sticker is available in four colors so it matches your phone: black, stone, sand pink and jean indigo. It’s available now on the Cult of Mac Store for $10.99.

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