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7 magnificent metal bands for your new Apple Watch

There’s no better way to upgrade your new Apple Watch than with a high-quality metal band. And there are so many terrific options out there to suit any budget.

We’ve rounded up seven of our favorites from big brands like Juuk, Speidel, and Rilee & Lo. Prices start at just $11.99

Best metal bands for Apple Watch

My favorite band for Apple Watch.
Photo: Juuk

Juuk Qrono

I gushed about Juuk’s outstanding Qrono band in my full review. It’s by far the best I’ve used with Apple Watch, and I cannot recommend it enough. If you have the budget, it’s a no-brainer.

What’s great about the Qrono is that it’s made from aluminum, not stainless steel, so it’s wonderfully lightweight. It also has small links that wrap around your wrist and make it delightfully comfortable.

The band is easily adjustable and hard-wearing; I’ve been using mine for around five months and it still looks as good as new. It’s also easy to take off, thanks to a simple squeeze-to-release clasp.

You can get yours in gray, obsidian, or silver from the Cult of Mac Store.

Buy from: Cult of Mac Store — $139


Juuk Vitero

The Vitero is another aluminum option from Juuk that ticks all the right boxes. It’s inspired by classic race cars, hence its sporty design, and it’s a little more noticeable than the Qrono.

The Vitero is also lightweight and comfortable, and a joy to wear. An included tool makes it easy to remove its links for the perfect fit. And again, it uses a squeeze-to-release clasp that’s simple to open.

Get yours in granite, silver, ruby gray, and ruby silver from the Cult of Mac Store.

Buy from: Cult of Mac Store — from $119

Rilee & Lo spices up your Apple Watch with sexy, sleek stainless steel watch bands.
A stretch-link band for just $24?!
Photo: Rilee & Lo

Rilee & Lo Stretch-Link

If you don’t want to have to worry about removing links yourself, or even opening and closing a clasp, Rilee & Lo’s spectacular Stretch-Link band is ideal. Just slide it on and it’s good to go.

The Stretch-Link uses high-end stainless steel links that are held together by flexible strings. It’s incredibly comfortable for all-day wear, and looks particularly great when you’re dressed up in formal gear.

This band is a steal at $24. And you can currently pick up a matching Stretch-Link Bracelet for just $12 extra.

Buy from: Cult of Mac Store — $24

Link Wiplabs
Super-smooth links that won’t pinch your skin.
Photo: Wiplabs

Wiplabs Link Bracelet

Crafted from super-sturdy 316L stainless steel, the Wiplabs Link Bracelet is built to last a lifetime. It sports smooth links that feel great against your skin, and it promises not to pinch or pull out your hairs.

This band is water- and rust-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it deteriorating over time. And it looks terrific in black or silver.

Buy from: Cult of Mac Store — $69.99

Speidel knows how to make great Apple Watch bands.
Photo: Speidel

Speidel Stainless Steel

Speidel’s Stainless Steel band is a more traditional metal bracelet, with chunky links and a shiny finish. It’s brilliantly robust and ideal for those who want a weighty band they won’t forget they’re wearing.

The band ships with a link removal tool that makes it easy to adjust, and it looks great on Apple Watch. It’s available in silver or black, and it’s surprisingly affordable.

Buy from: Cult of Mac Store — $39.99

Just like Apple’s. A fraction of the cost.
Photo: Okppa

Okppa Stainless Steel Loop

This gorgeous stainless steel loop band is a great alternative to Apple’s, and it’s available at a fraction of the price. It’s well-made, highly adjustable, and just as sturdy as you need an Apple Watch band to be.

The band boasts a 5-star rating on Amazon and comes in a number of color options, including black, gray, silver, and rose gold. It’s also compatible with all generations of Apple Watch.

Buy from: Amazon — $11.99

A simple stainless steel band that won’t disappoint.
Photo: JETech

JETech Stainless Steel Band

This JETech band is another that’s perfect for those going for the traditional metal band look. It’s well-built with a familiar folding clasp, and it’s easily adjustable for different wrist sizes.

The band has a 4.5-star rating after a whopping 2,400 reviews, and it’s a steal at under $30.

Buy from: Amazon — $21.99

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Nice band. Worked well. Need to be sure to watch the video on using the tool to adjust the band.

never receive my purchase

I contacted the store but they never replayed to me i don't recommend to buy here!

Sadie, the elder, says .....

Not only is this iWatch such a practical means of holding my watch while charging, it’s a hoot - looks like my original Mac. I love it.

The case doesn’t totally align but it does it’s job. The part that stinks is that it attracts lint and dust because it’s silicone.

Great tidy solution

You know what happens, all your devices need a charger. 2 iPhones, an Apple Watch, iPad and more. My old solution was fast charger with 4 USB outlets plugged in to an outlet in the kitchen. Worked, but not pretty.

Let me start by saying this charger looks great. I got rid of all the other cables and keep this out in the kitchen. Much tidier! Phones charge quickly. Apple watch does too but you to be careful that it goes on right. Also, I have a metal band on mine so I have to close it before I put it on the stand or else it would rest on the screen of the phone below it.