Juuk Polished Locarno Apple Watch Band


Juuk Design makes some of the best luxury stainless steel Apple Watch bracelets we've seen. The fit and finish is worthy of watches that cost thousands of dollars. Made in Hong Kong by Juuk Design, which makes bands for several high-end Swiss watch brands, the Locarno is an exquisitely made, rugged and stylish steel band. The Locarno boasts Swiss quality and design, but costs half of what Apple is charging for its stainless steel bands.

Juuk knows how to make quality bands; each link is made of two separate pieces with two attachment points. This makes the bands very flexible and comfortable, while minimizing gaps. Cheaper bands use single links. In fact, the 42 mm band is made of 66 components — not including the butterfly clasp, pins and screws.

The Locarno bands are linked with screws rather than cheaper friction pins — and each band comes with a small screwdriver to adjust the fit.

Comes in 42 mm Apple Watch size. 

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Type: Steel Band

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