HEDock Apple Watch Charging Dock


Note: HEDock does not ship internationally. Dock not compatible with steel link bands. 

The HEDock is the perfect Apple Watch Charging Dock. HEDock is made from high-quality aluminum and designed to safely charge your Apple Watch on your desk or by your bedside. It is the perfect accessory to accompany Apple Watch. 

Key features and design: 

  • Compact and Space-Saving Design. 4" x 2.25"
  • Upright Charging Dock. Designed for Apple Watch.
  • Minimalist, Industrial Design. Great at home or work.
  • Urethane Coating. Prevents scratches to watch.
  • Brushed Aluminum. Environmentally friendly finish.
  • Charger Seat. Holds charger in place.
  • Silver Color. Mirrors Apple's design language.

Howard Electronics Company is located in Dallas, Texas. The family owned business has offered various design services for years. After the unveiling of the Apple Watch, they wanted to create a stand to market that displays the watch beautifully, elegantly, and one that complements Apple's design. For this reason, the HEDock was born to  your smartwatch safe and your personal space organized.

We love it's small footprint and the fact that's it's so easy to pop the charger into the charger seat. Grooves on the rear of the charger seat secure part of the charger cord. Great design and great value.  

Brushed Aluminum

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