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New Laut iPhone 13 cases offer strong drop protection and more

Accessories-maker Laut just delivered eight new iPhone 13 cases into the Cult of Mac Store, including two MagSafe-compatible options. Several of the models offer significant protection for your expensive new handset.

Eight different models is a fair number of options. But you really need all the choices you can get, considering the recent news that most older iPhone cases won’t fit the iPhone 13 series.

Laut iPhone 13 cases

With proprietary Impkt Cell Technology

Laut says the Impkt Cell Technology it created lets its toughest cases give your iPhone great drop protection, up to 22 feet in one case. And they can do that while retaining a slim profile. Hard, tactile buttons offer even more protection.

The simple-yet-protective Laut Huex 13 Series, with 13-foot drop protection, comes in navy, fog gray, plum and sage green colors. You also can get a MagSafe version.

The Laut Huex Pastels 13 Series with MagSafe combines the same tough material, drop protection and MagSafe compatibility as above. But it comes in a choice of bright pastel colors. Choose from baby blue, spearmint, candy and violet.

With the Laut Crystal Matter 2.0 (Impakt) case, you get the toughest protection. With its anti-slip ergo-grip, increased camera and screen protection, tactile aluminum buttons and anti-scratch back, Crystal Matter 2.0 is arguably the most feature-rich case in the new Laut collection. And, while still a slim case, it offers 22-foot drop protection! It comes in midnight blue, quartz and white colors.

For a lower price but nearly the same protection as the 2.0 case above, you can get the Laut Crystal Matter (Impkt) case. It offers 20-foot drop protection and comes in slate and crimson colors. A Tinted version comes in stealth and polar tints.

Other colorful cases

The Laut Holo 13 Series iPhone case features a special, iridescent finish that catches and reflects light. Its scratch-resistant coating offers drop protection up to 6.5 feet. The cases come in midnight and pearl colors.

The Laut Crystal Ink case offers an abstract transparent finish in ruby red or frost white.

Price: $24.99, $29.99 and $34.99

Where to buy: Cult of Mac Store

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