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Make Apple Watch workouts more comfortable with ActionSleeve 2

Do you find your Apple Watch is uncomfortable on your wrist during intense workouts? Wear it on your arm where it’s out of your way with the superb ActionSleeve 2 from Twelve South — now available from the Cult of Mac Store.

Made from a soft and lightweight fabric, ActionSleeve 2 feels good even when you’re hot and sweaty. It doesn’t prevent Apple Watch from tracking your heart rate and other statistics, and it’s machine washable so you can keep it clean.

ActionSleeve 2 puts Apple Watch on your arm

Apple Watch might feel just fine while you’re in the office or working the dog, but you may find that it becomes uncomfortable or gets in your way while you’re weight training, playing sports, cycling, or doing other activities.

With the ActionSleeve, you can wear your Apple Watch on your bicep where it’s out of your way. You can still see and interact with its display, and you’ll still get great readings for your heart rate and other workout data.

Twelve South ActionSleeve for Apple Watch
ActionSleeve won’t prevent you from interacting with Apple Watch, or from recording your fitness data.
Photo: Twelve South

Apple Watch simply pushes into the ActionSleeve after you’ve removed its band, and it gets surrounded by a flexible shell that prevents it from falling out, or from getting damaged if it knocks into things.

ActionSleeve is ideal for fitness

It’s soft, non-allergenic polyurethane design means that the ActionSleeve is not just comfortable, but also easy to clean. When it gets all sweaty, simply wash it along with your clothes, and it will come out clean and fresh.

ActionSleeve 2 is compatible with Apple Watch Series 4 and above, and you can order yours now from the Cult of Mac Store for $39.99.

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