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Laut stand gives AirPods Max the perfect place to rest

Don’t leave your pricey AirPods Max lying around, waiting to be sat on, when you’re not using them. Pick up Laut’s aluminum Free Stand and give your headphones the perfect place to rest. It’s sturdy, stylish, and nicely priced.

AirPods Max aren’t cheap at $549, and the rather skimpy case Apple ships with them is hardly going to keep them out of harm’s way. Sure, they’re robustly built and won’t break easily, but do you really want to risk it?

Keep your AirPods Max safe by giving them their very own stand to sit on when they’re not being used. The Free Stand from Laut is simple, and as beautifully designed as any Apple product.

Laut stand keeps AirPods Max safe

Made from super-sturdy aluminum, the Free Stand is elegant and unobtrusive. It looks great on any desk or nightstand, and it’s available in black or silver to complement the design of your AirPods Max.

Your headphones rest on a soft silicone pad that won’t cause any wear, while an anti-slip base prevents the Free Stand sliding onto the floor. It also leaves plenty of room under your AirPods Max so other items don’t knock into them.

You can pick up your Free Stand for AirPods Max from the Cult of Mac Store for just $44.99. While you’re there, check out Laut’s accompanying stands for other Apple devices, including iPhone and MacBook.

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