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Buying iPhone 13? Check out these awesome cases and accessories

iPhone 13 and 13 Pro aren’t compatible with cases made for the iPhone 12 series. So, if you’re preordering a new model Friday, you’ll need new accessories to go with it. Get yours from the Cult of Mac Store.

We’ve just added a bunch of new iPhone 13 cases and accessories from big brands like Elago and SwitchEasy — with more to come from Casetify, Mujjo, and many others. Find out what’s new and order yours today!

You don’t want to drop $699+ on a brand-new smartphone only to drop it and break it within a week. Ain’t nobody deserve that. Do yourself a favor and spend a little more on a decent case and screen protector.

There are plenty to choose from — as you’ll see if you visit the Cult of Mac Store right now.

Get cases and accessories for iPhone 13

We’ve got a selection of new products from Elago and SwitchEasy to choose from right now, with prices starting at a mere $7.99. And in the coming days, we’ll be adding more from the likes of Casetify, Mujjo, and other big names.

iPhone 13 cases and accessories
Everything you need to keep iPhone 13 protected.
Photo: SwitchEasy

You’ll find slim and lightweight cases that won’t give you pocket bulge, clear cases that let you enjoy iPhone 13’s design, and ultra-rugged cases that will keep your new smartphone protected even if you’re especially clumsy.

You will also find camera shields, screen protectors, and more on offer. All are shipping right now, so they’ll be with you and ready to protect your iPhone before it makes it arrives next Friday.

Check out our iPhone 13 cases and accessories section to find out what’s new.

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