Wood Mark Teton Apple Watch Band in Gold Zebrawood

Wood Mark

Note: Wood Mark does not ship internationally. 

Inspired by diverse natural landscapes and regions, each Wood Mark band is named after a national park. The Teton Apple Watch Band in Zebrawood reflects this and is characterized by the zebra-like stripes in its wood grain. Originating in central Africa, Zebrawood is a beautifully original material for an Apple Watch band.

This wooden band allows wearers to seamlessly transition from the office to the great outdoors, all while using the latest tech. Distinctive and all-natural, these bands are designed to suit the well-traveled and distinguished wearer.

Wood Mark bands:

  • Are water-resistant, perfect for the great outdoors. 
  • Use high-quality wristband clasps. 
  • Put less strain on your wrist than steel bands.
  • Are very long-lasting.
  • Look great as wood stains become naturally enhanced over time with your skin's body oils.
  • Lower environmental impact as wood is biodegradable material.
  • Are made with nontoxic and hypoallergenic materials.
  • Are adjustable and come with a simple tool for easily adjusting link sizes.

Available in 38 mm and 42 mm Apple Watch sizes.

Type: wood bands

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