Wiplabs Slope Magical Universal Tablet Stand


Simple, Beautiful and Universal Tablet Stand with Micro-Suction Rubber. Unique Patented Design. Available in two sizes, Slope for 9.4in to 10.5in Tablets and Slope Mini for 8in Tablets. 

Slope is a unique Universal Table Stand with a patented design. It's design allows it to work with virtually any tablet that has a flat metal back. It has the same brushed and anodized finish as an iMac or Macbook and blends in perfectly with the Apple Echo System. 

Slope employs a unique suction technology to attach your tablets. Its two pads are comprised of a special make of foam with thousands of microscopic air pockets across its surface that act like tiny suction cups. Pressing an object with a flat surface against Nanofoam forces air out of the pockets creating a vacuum and grip. The micro suction pads can be cleaned with clear water if and when they lose grip.

Tech Specs: Slope Mini/Slope

  • Material: Anodized and brushed aluminum
  • High Grade Japanese Micro Suction Rubber
  • Height: 5.8inch (14.7cm) / 7.5inch (19cm)
  • Width: 3.5inch (9cm) / 4.2inch (10.6cm)
  • Length: 3.6inch (9.1cm) / 4.3inch (11cm)
  • Weight: 0.34lb (155gr) / 0.55lb (252gr) 
Silver Aluminum

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