Fireline Tactical Paracord Apple Watch Band in Urban Camo

Fireline Tactical

The Paracord Apple Watch Band in Urban Camo by Fireline Tactical is an entirely unique and stylish unisex band made of comfortable-yet-strong 550 military grade paracord — over three times stronger than ordinary nylon cord!

Made with super-strong paracord (parachute cord), these rugged, comfortable bands attach to any 42mm Apple Watch. What's more, the paracord easily detaches for use in survival situations.

It's a watch band. It's a lifeline. It's both! And, it’s loaded with premium features:

  • 550 military grade paracord. The real deal. Heavy-duty, over three times stronger than standard nylon cord
  • Rugged stainless steel adapters and clasp in black or silver
  • Sturdy inward-facing cord ends, invisible when you're wearing your Apple Watch
  • Laser-engraved logo for a classy, premium touch
  • Reflective strips woven throughout to help keep you visible in the dark
  • Waterproof
  • Made in America
  • Great for men and women

Attaches in seconds

No need to struggle with tiny pins, screws and screwdrivers. This new version has adapters made of solid stainless steel with no screws to fall out or fail. Simply press the button on your Apple Watch, slide our sturdy steel adapters into place, click and you're good to go.

Detaches for emergencies

In the wild, on the beat, or even at home, you could face a survival situation. Quickly detach the 7-yarn cord. Then unravel into 2 sections, each about 5.5-feet long (11 feet total). With a minimum breaking strength of 550 lbs., each section is tough enough for a wide range of uses, from sewing a fishing line to making a tie-down to building an emergency shelter.

Backed by a five-year warranty, we're sure you'll love this smart, stylish watch band.

Type: Fabric Bands

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