Bucardo Apple Watch Gold Starburst Locket Series 1


Note: Only available for Series 1 Apple Watch.

The Gold Starburst Locket with White Crystal by Bucardo is a new way to wear Apple Watch, bucking current trends by melding vintage style and tech. The locket transforms your Apple Watch into a classic piece of functional, au courant jewelry.

Part of Bucardo’s Pendulum Collection, the Gold Starburst Locket with White Crystal takes its design cues from the way timepieces were originally worn, fusing Victorian-era sensibilities with a decidedly modern turn. This locket features an engraved, vintage-inspired star radiating out from a centered crystal by Swarovski.

To wear, align the cutout for the watch dial on the pocket watch cover to the Apple Watch. Then, simply slide the wrist straps out and slide the locket in. An elegant 38-inch metal chain completes the transformation.

Made of steel and available in 38 mm and 42 mm Apple Watch sizes.

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Type: Locket

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