Clessant Burgundy Madras Apple Watch Band


The Burgundy Madras Apple Watch Strap from Clessant is made of soft, comfortable goatskin leather — the pebbled surface of the skin offers texture and refinement. Durable and scratch- and water-resistant. Machine stitched in off-white stitching.

Available in 38 mm and 42 mm Apple Watch sizes and four adapter colors. 

Sizes: 38mm strap fits wrists: 16 - 19.3 cm (6.29 - 7.59 inches)
           42mm strap fits wrists: 17.7 - 21 cm (6.95 - 8.25 inches) 

French company, Clessant, is making a big impression in the world of luxury accessories. Recently featured in Vogue (and, Cult of Mac, natch!), Clessant takes its band-making to detailed levels: The craftsmanship of a Clessant strap is a specific and complicated process, with more than 60 different steps to completion. Located in Chapareillan, France, the small company is young as are its two founding entrepreneurs, William Laurent and Nicolas Perot, who share a common passion for luxury accessories. Designed for “people who wear what they love,” each artisan-made strap is as beautiful as it is practical.


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