Bluestein Milanese Apple Watch Band Rose Gold


Made in Germany, Bluestein's Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band with Magnetic Closure is a visually stunning wristband, suitable for the Apple Watch Series 1, 2 and 3.

The stainless steel is super robust and versatile. You can even swim and this band is guaranteed to remain undamaged. Despite the use of metal, this wristband, in all its designs and variants, is light and pleasant on your skin, especially in the summer you will be particularly pleased with this purchase, as it´s breathable design gives no chance for sweat to make you uncomfortable.

Every Bluestein Milanese band comes equipped with a magnetic closure system. This extra-strong magnet sits so firmly on the Apple Watch that the band does not detach, even under high pressure. The barely noticeable weight helps you wear your Apple Watch with this new wristband just as you imagine it -- at work, during sports, free time activities, or simply at home on the sofa.

Bluestein also designed the band to fit perfectly on any wrist sized anything between 130 to 180 mm of circumference.

Available in Gold, Silver, Black and Rose Gold for 38 mm and 42 mm Apple Watch. All series. 

Type: Steel Band

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