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Good band, good value

When Apple did away with their link bracelet I searched for an alternative. This one fills the bill nicely. It looks and functions perfectly, and does so at a fraction of the previous Apple price. The only issue I have had is some wear on the palm side links, allowing the silver color to show through the black coating.

Great Band

Love it, looks great, works very well. Highly recommended!

Good E’Nuf...

Works well as a replacement for the Standard Band.

Took a little finesse to adjust to proper size for my wrist.

After 6 Months daily use here is some silver showing thru on the palm side - Not too bad.

Some separation between the links, again not too bad.

Good value for the money considering the excessive prices on bands out there.

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Great product!

I really like the Elago MS1 stand for my iPhone 12. The angle is great and it fits the Apple MagSafe charger perfectly. The angle is not adjustable but the angle it sits at is perfect. It takes up some space on your desk/night table but again that doesn’t bother me for my space. The product is well made with no visible flaws. No shipping to Canada would be my only complaint.
Overall a great product.
Thank you!

MagSafe car mount

I haven’t received the car mount yet. Does shipping usually take this long?? (35 days).

Simple and Effective

Simple yet effective product, easy to apply, works every time…. Do have to agree on the slow shipping though…

Excellent choice

This band makes my Apple Watch look great. I had the stretchy silicone band at first and after losing 70 pounds my watch was just flopping arouond. I needed a better fit and this leather band feels better and looks better. You can't go wrong with this classic look

A Great Alternative

I've been very pleased with the stand. It works great, and it's unusual. An impressive yet simple design.