Twelve South ActionSleeve Armband for Apple Watch 38 mm (Red)

Twelve South

Note: Twelve South does not ship outside the United States!

The Apple Watch is the most advanced health & fitness device ever, but the wrist is not always the perfect place to wear it. When protective sports gear and full-wrist mobility are required the use of Apple Watch may be hindered or impossible.

Enter ActionSleeve. ActionSleeve straps your Apple Watch to your upper arm or bicep -- off your wrist -- but still fully viewable and controllable. ActionSleeve's outer frame adds protection from nicks and dings and with tighter, more consistent skin contact, it can even improve heart rate monitoring.

Using ActionSleeve is just as simple: ( ) remove your current Apple Watch band, ( ) push the Apple Watch body into the soft frame of ActionSleeve and  ( ) strap ActionSleeve on and go. Your screen, crown and button remain fully accessible and functional. 


    Type: Sport Band

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