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Note: Twelve South does not ship outside the United States!
Twelve South's AirSnap case is the perfect travel case for your AirPods. It fits your AirPods perfectly and keeps them locked in with snap closure. This is the perfect protective travel case for anyone who carries their AirPods with them and wants to keep them safe! 
This AirPod case is carefully designed by the Twelve South team to protect your AirPods as well as keep the functionality accessible.
The case is designed to clip onto your backpack or purse, or keychain. With an opening cut on the bottom, making it accessible to still charge your AirPods while keeping the case on. This not only protects your AirPod's but it also adds fashion. 
Made from full-grain leather with a secure snap closure to keep your AirPods protected while on the go.
Slip your AirPods Charging Case into AirSnap, fasten the metal snap and your pricey ear buds are safe and sound.
Available in three colors; Black, Cognac, and Deep Teal. 
Deep Teal

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